East Hampshire District Local Plan: Joint Core Strategy

Ended on the 16 March 2012
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Schedule of Saved Policies that are superseded by Core Strategy

This schedule identifies policies in the adopted East Hampshire District Local Plan (Second Review) March 2006 which will be entirely replaced by policies in the adopted Core Strategy. Local Plan policies not identified in this schedule will continue in operation alongside the Core Strategy policies, until such time as they are replaced by new policy and/or guidance in subsequent Local Development Documents.

GS1 Sustainable Development CP1 Spatial strategy
GS2 Location of Development CP1 Spatial strategy
GS3 Protecting the Countryside CP17 Development in the countryside
GS4 Making the Most of Existing Infrastructure, Services and Facilities CP30 Infrastructure
C1 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty CP18 Landscape
C2 Nature Conservation Deleted
C3 Nature Conservation CP19 Biodiversity
C4 Nature Conservation CP19 Biodiversity
C5 Local Landscape Features CP18 Landscape
C7 Water Resources CP24 Water resources/water quality
C8 Flood Protection Deleted
C9 River Corridors CP18 Landscape
C10 Protection of Agricultural Land Deleted
C11 Gaps between Settlements CP21 Gaps between settlements
HE1 Design CP27 Design
T1 General Policy: Land Use and Transport CP29 Transport
T6 Access for people with Impaired Mobility CP29 Transport
T9 Highway Issues – New Development CP29 Transport
T10 Highway Issues – New Development CP29 Transport
T12 Parking Standards CP29 Transport
E1 Conservation of Energy CP22 Sustainable construction
P1 Unpleasant Emissions Deleted
P2 Unpleasant Emissions Deleted
P3 Noise Pollution Deleted
P4 Noise Pollution Deleted
P5 Light Pollution CP25 Pollution
P6 Privacy and Daylight CP25 Pollution
H2 Reserve Site Allocations CP8 Spatial strategy for housing
H4 Creating a Mix of Housing Types, Sizes and Tenures CP10 Housing tenure, type and mix
H5 Higher Densities of Residential Development CP27 Design
H11 Affordable Housing within Settlement Policy Boundaries CP11 Affordable housing on residential development sites
H12 Affordable Housing outside Settlement Policy Boundaries CP12 Affordable housing for rural communities
H18 Accommodation for Gypsies CP13 Gypsies, Travellers & Travelling Showpeople
H19 Travelling Showpeople Deleted
TC1 Development in Town and Village Centres CP6 Town and village facilities and services
S1 Retail Allocations CP5 New retail provision and CSWB The new town centre
HC1 Protection of Existing Facilities and Services CP14 Protection & provision of social infrastructure
U12 Reservoir CP24 Water resources/water quality
R2 Protection of Open Space CP14 Protection of open space, sport & recreation & built facilities
R3 Public Open Space Requirements CP15 Provision of open space, sport & recreation & built facilities
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