Draft Housing and Employment Allocations

Ended on the 6 February 2015
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2. Proposals for Settlements

2.1 The following sections set out, for each of the main towns and villages in the Plan Area, site specific proposals to meet the requirements of the Joint Core Strategy (JCS). The Draft Site Allocations Plan focuses on identifying specific sites to meet the individual housing and employment targets set out in policies CP3 and CP10 of the JCS. These specific site allocations meet the residual development requirements for the District (outside the SDNP) after existing commitments have been taken into account. For each site there is a policy setting out the criteria that subsequent planning applications will need to address. The boundaries of allocated sites, which are all greenfield sites beyond existing settlement policy boundaries, will be integrated into a revised settlement boundary when the Plan is adopted.

2.2 The preparation of the first Neighbourhood Plan in the District covers Alton. Others are being prepared for Four Marks and Medstead and Bentley. This work has been undertaken in parallel with the Draft Site Allocations Plan. In order to allow the local community the widest opportunity to determine local policies for their area, land allocations and policy guidance in this Draft Site Allocations Plan is only provided for those elements not covered by the respective Neighbourhood Plans.

2.3 This Plan has been prepared against a background of increasing pressure to provide sufficient housing to meet increasing needs, together with a shortfall in the five year housing land supply which has led to a large number of speculative planning applications across the District. Some of these applications have been permitted where they have been regarded as being sustainable development that complies with the Framework and the development plan. In some settlements therefore a part of the JCS housing requirement has already been met. The housing sites already permitted are identified in the settlement commentaries below so that the appropriate alterations can be made to settlement policy boundaries.

2.4 Relevant national policies, JCS policies and the saved policies of the Second Review Local Plan will apply where relevant to all of the proposals set out in this Plan.

2.5 Commentary is made below on the following settlements:

  • Alton
  • Horndean
  • Liphook
  • Clanfield
  • Rowlands Castle
  • Four Marks/South Medstead
  • Other villages north of the South Downs National Park
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