Draft Housing and Employment Allocations

Ended on the 6 February 2015
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5. Liphook

5.1 Housing provision will continue to be accommodated on acceptable sites within the settlement policy boundary of Liphook.

5.2 In addition, the Joint Core Strategy (CP10) states that, beyond existing commitments, new sites will be identified for a minimum of 175 dwellings at Liphook. Provision is made in this Plan in Policy LP1.1 for 175 dwellings.

Policy LP1 Liphook Housing Allocation

The following site is allocated for residential development:



Site Area (ha)

Net Dwellings


Land at Lowsley Farm, south of the A3

(Current planning application)



The number of dwellings shown for the site is indicative and based on known site characteristics and density considerations.

Housing Allocation

LP1.1 Land at Lowsley Farm, south of the A3

Land at Lowsley Farm, south of the A3 is allocated for residential development for about 175 dwellings on 10.8ha.

Site Map

Site map LP1.1

Site Requirements:

The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • provision of vehicular access to the site from Longmoor Road via the site allocated in the East Hampshire District Local Plan: Second Review;
  • implementation of appropriate measures to reduce the traffic impacts of the development on adjoining residential roads;
  • provision of a comprehensive Flood Risk Assessment to address any measures required to mitigate any potential impacts of surface water flooding including avoiding built development in low lying areas; and
  • provision of on-site SUDS;
  • provision of a Screening Assessment as the site lies within 5km of the Wealden Heaths Phase II SPA and could potentially have a significant impact on the ecological integrity of the SPA. The Assessment should ascertain whether the provision of adequate measures to avoid or mitigate any adverse effects is required;
  • developers should work with the District Council to ensure that the principles of the Energy Strategy are applied wherever possible; and
  • provision of an Employment and Training Agreement prior to the implementation of development.
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