Draft Statement of Community Involvement 2018

Ended on the 27 April 2018
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7. Supplementary Planning Document

Getting involved in preparing Supplementary Planning Documents

7.1 Supplementary Planning Documents may cover a range of issues, both thematic and site specific, which support policies in the Local Plan. They do not set new policy or allocate land. Whilst SPDs are adopted formally by the Council and are material considerations in the determination of planning applications, they do not form part of the development plan and are not subject to independent examination.

7.2 The Council has produced several SPDs which can be found on the Council's website: http://www.easthants.gov.uk/supplementary-planning-documents.

7.3 The Council is committed to involving the community in the preparation of these documents, but the level and scope of consultation will vary according to the nature of the document being produced. The preparation of an SPD is different to preparing a Local Plan Document. The Government sets out statutory consultation requirements that the Council must follow. Key statutory stages and opportunities for community involvement are set out within Table 3 overleaf. It is recommended that Table 3 is read in conjunction with Part 5 of the Town and Country Planning Regulations.

Table 3 – SPD Key Stages of Production

Key Stages of SPD Production

How we will consult

Your opportunities for involvement

Initial Background Work

Planning Policy will carry out research to identify the issues and relevant policy context as part of evidence gathering.

  • Not applicable
  • Register your contact details on the Planning Policy Consultation Database

Regulation 12 & 13: Publish the draft SPD for consultation

Planning Policy will undertake public consultation on the draft SPD for a minimum statutory period of 4 weeks.

Statutory Requirements:

  • Electronic version of the consultation document will be made publicly available on the Council's website
  • Hard copies for reference use will be made available at the Council Offices, local libraries and other deposit locations
  • Notification to relevant specific consultation bodies
  • Review the SPD
  • Submit a formal representation to the Council outlining your comments, support or objection

Finalise SPD

Planning Policy will review all the representations submitted during consultation and make any changes to the SPD where justified.

The Council will provide a schedule summarising the representations received and detailing the Officers responses.

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Regulation 14: Adoption of the SPD

The SPD is adopted by the Council

The Council publishes an adoption statement.

  • The Council will notify those who submitted representations of the date the SPD will be taken to Full Council for adoption.
  • Opportunities to speak at Full Council
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