Large Development Sites

Ended on the 15 October 2019
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Deciding where new development should go is a big decision, even more so for Large Development Sites.

To ensure new homes are delivered consistently over time, we need a range of sites. This includes some large sites.

Deciding where large development sites are located is one of the biggest decisions the Council will make in recent years. We need information and evidence to help us to make that decision.

The overriding message from the previous Local Plan consultation in February and March, was concern about infrastructure and the impact of new development on existing communities. Many people attended Local Plan consultation events and expressed an interest in feeding into development proposals, so they could better respond and relate to local areas and communities. We received over 2000 comments.

Developing a Local Plan is like having a conversation, and we want to keep that conversation going. We are listening to what you have told us so far.

We need to look at all possible options for large development sites to ensure we have the information we need to make an informed decision, and because this scale of development can often address some infrastructure concerns that have been raised. Ad hoc, small-scale development often only adds pressure on infrastructure, rather than help alleviate it.

I hope when you consider the 10 large development sites presented in this consultation you will consider the site's suitability, whether there is scope for larger scale development to help towards some of the issues you have identified, and what you would like to see on these sites in terms of community uses.

This consultation is not seeking to increase the number of homes proposed in the Local Plan, or to frighten people about potential significant change in their local area. Rather, it is to continue the dialogue we have started, to explore options and to consider what benefits some of these sites might be able to offer for our local communities – recognising that as a Council we must plan for the future. Failure to do so leaves our local communities at great risk of ad hoc development, with little provision for infrastructure improvements.

I hope you will consider the information presented, speak to the site promoters if you attend an event, and provide us with your thoughts.

We look forward to hearing from you during the consultation period.

Cllr Angela Glass - Portfolio Holder for Planning

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